Resilience Project

With support from Arts Council England (and funded by players of the Lottery – thank you!), Art Work Exeter are embarking on an ambitious programme of online engagements.
We are commissioning activity on the theme of ‘personal development’, for members of the cultural community.

Director Monica Shanta is leading on a weekly series of provocations, titled Inspirations for Resilience. You can catch them across our social media platforms.

We will be launching a series of podcasts – with artists chatting to other creative people in other places about what keeps them going, what they are eating and how Covid-19 has affected their practice.

We will be putting up workshop videos, with artists guiding in making new work, discovering new techniques, showing their secrets!

And we will be hosting talks and conversations, about resilient practices, wellbeing and critical relationships.

We are still commissioning activity, so please take a look at the >brief< if you’d like to be a part of the programme.

Logo and project design by Amani Ridd:

  • by artworkexeter 2 weeks ago
    What creative things are we inspiring for week 14 of  #InspirationsforResilience ? Let’s try and elevate the status of your doodles.
  • by artworkexeter 2 months ago
    Week 8  #InspirationsforResilience  Create your own personal Life Vision Logo to inspire yourself into the future. Choose 3 words of
  • by artworkexeter 5 days ago
    Totally bonkers Saturday at  @plymartwkndr  - highlights were (in order): the junk/creature-fest of  @geniustreasurecollection  (44); the scenarios and characters populating
  • by artworkexeter 1 month ago
    We have now reached week 11 of our  #InspirationsforResilience  campaign. We hope you have been enjoying our posts and found
  • by artworkexeter 3 months ago
    Hi to All the Inspired Resilient Creatives of Exeter and beyond. For Week 5 you can try bringing life to
  • by artworkexeter 3 months ago
    Week 2 of ‘Inspirations for Resilience' - Creative ideas for you to try out... Endlessly enduring - “--Pebbles cannot be
  • by artworkexeter 1 week ago
    We are on to week 15 of  #InspirationsforResilience  and this weeks challenge involves looking at objects that intervene in your
  • by artworkexeter 2 months ago
    Looking for inspiration? Here's how to find it in Random things... For week 9 of  #InspirationsforResilience  look to the next
  • by artworkexeter 4 months ago
    Our very first 'Inspirations for Resilience'. Every week for the next 24 weeks we will be posting creative ideas for
  • by artworkexeter 3 months ago
    Great to see the work of FDA  @exeter_school_of_art  students in the gallery. And especially the prolific and resonant  @billieeastart  -
  • by artworkexeter 3 weeks ago
    It’s now week 13 of Inspirations for Resilience ⭐️ Manmade structures - maybe with a few reflections, shadows and some
  • by artworkexeter 3 months ago
    'Inspirations for Resilience' Week 4. Find a little box in your recycling. Or if there isn’t one there, you could
  • by artworkexeter 6 days ago
    Congratulations to  @theboxplymouth  on a successful public opening today. Obvs the star of the show was 'Colin the crab' by
  • by artworkexeter 3 months ago
    Week 3 of 'Inspirations for Resilience' and another creative idea for you to try out. Mandalas can be created using
  • by artworkexeter 4 months ago
    Today we are launching our 'Inspirations for Resilience'. Each week for the next 24 weeks we will be posting creative
  • by artworkexeter 2 months ago
    Week 7 of  #InspirationsforResilience  is Inspired by today and tomorrow’s ArtWorkExeter Summer School workshops - 'The Heroine’s Journey'' with Josie
  • by artworkexeter 2 months ago
    Week 6 of Creative Inspirations for Resilience! From tomorrow masks will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets so get ready
  • by artworkexeter 4 weeks ago
    Now on week 12 of  #InspirationsforResilience  we are looking again at natural patterns and geometry but this time with a
  • by artworkexeter 8 hours ago
    Looking for a good mood changer, a stress buster, a way to make drawing or painting into a dance? Week
  • by artworkexeter 1 month ago
    For week 10 of  #InspirationsforResilience  we are thinking painting... sort of. This is a Coffee Doodle – A sketch of