Resilience Project

With support from Arts Council England (and funded by players of the Lottery – thank you!), Art Work Exeter are embarking on an ambitious programme of online engagements.
We are commissioning activity on the theme of ‘personal development’, for members of the cultural community.

Director Monica Shanta is leading on a weekly series of provocations, titled Inspirations for Resilience. You can catch them across our social media platforms.

We will be launching a series of podcasts – with artists chatting to other creative people in other places about what keeps them going, what they are eating and how Covid-19 has affected their practice.

We will be putting up workshop videos, with artists guiding in making new work, discovering new techniques, showing their secrets!

And we will be hosting talks and conversations, about resilient practices, wellbeing and critical relationships.

We are still commissioning activity, so please take a look at the >brief< if you’d like to be a part of the programme.

Logo and project design by Amani Ridd: