A little more information about the artists and practitioners participating in Resilience Summer School:

Sandhya Dave is a Shiatsu practitioner and psychotherapist, practicing since 1998. She uses the ancient Chinese and Japanese medical system of energy balance (KI) and Gestalt psychotherapy to create a safe space to explore any issues, this is called body psychotherapy.
She runs a private practice in Central Exeter and Topsham, works for the NHS in a mental health ward and runs workshops.

James Bond is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). He holds a degree in Fine Art, Sculpture from St Martin’s School of Art, London.
He has been carving wood and deepening his art practise for 44 years.
For over 25 of those years he has designed, managed and run social art projects for the public in their own settings, with a specific focus on working with young men, in collaboration with public bodies in the South West of England. These are now run through a Community Interest Company (CIC) which he set up: Carving Community.

Since 2005 Simon Whetham has developed a practice of working with sonic activity as a raw material for creation. He uses environmental sound, employing a variety of methods and techniques in order to obtain often unnoticed and obscured sonic phenomena. When presenting work in a performance or installation, for him the space and the objects within become instruments to be played.
His artistic investigations have caused him to work increasingly in multi-disciplinary projects, leading his work to become more visual and tangible. He is currently exploring ways to retain physical traces of sound and transforming energy forms.
Whetham performs and exhibits internationally, participating in Fresh Winds Biennale 2018 & 2016 (IS), Nakanojo Biennale 2017 (JP), ACC Showcase 2018 (KR), Tsonami Festival 2017 & 2012 (CL), Madeiradig 2010 & 2011 (PT) and Moers Festival 2011 (DE); has a large number of works published through many specialist record labels including Mappa (SK), Crónica (PT) and Line (USA) and collaborates with dancers, musicians, performers, painters and video artists.

photo by Stan Carpenter

Anne Jackson has been pursuing a long-term project, entitled “The Witchcraft Series”. Through it she seeks to represent the power that the idea of “the witch” holds in our culture, both as metaphor for our fears, and as representation of social injustice towards women. The “witch-hunt” is an idea that persists, both in accounts of historic witch-trials, and modern scandals and investigations.
Jackson deploys historical texts and original illustrations, along with contemporary scientific and cultural references, to depict the stories of individual women, or to comment on ways we try to exert control over our world and our own lives.

Oddstep Deployment Unit – Plymouth’s premiere oldskool gamelantechnooutfit – are Sion and Lucy Dafwyn. They perform a unique brand of digikosmicheslendrohouse, weaving together digital readymades, found text, 3D models, whooping, uncanny valley synthesis and signal mutation to create 21st century AV Folk music.
They regularly perform around the SW peninsula on noise/ art platforms and festivals.

Stuart Crewes is a mixed-media collage artist (and Creative Director of Art Work). His stance on copyleft and creative commons is akin to piracy – all material is up for grabs, no one owns the right to images/ sounds once they are in the public realm. His practice is enviro-political, in that collage only uses material that is already in existence, the content of his work often brings powerful new readings of social situations, political endeavours and historical atrocities.
Stuart regularly runs workshops that promote his redux process – where source material is limited, forcing participants to drop preconceived agendas and work only with what is available.

Rosie Sherwood is an artist, curator, independent publisher and scholar. She has developed an interdisciplinary practise that encourages the meeting of materials and processes, incorporating photography, sculpture, book art and text.
Book art is a core element of Sherwood’s practise creatively and academically. She founded As Yet Untitled in 2012, specialising in limited edition, hand made book art and events designed to bring the book alive. In 2017 she became Creative Director of turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium. turn the page is an internationally regarded artists book event in the Eastern Region of the UK.
Sherwood teaches at multiple universities, has been published on a range of subjects, and has work in national and international collections. She is currently Foundry Fellow at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London.

Josie Sutcliffe is an Executive & Leadership Mentor and Coach (ILM), theatre director, Programme Director and Visiting Faculty at Cranfield School of Management who attracts a consistent 5-star rating; Presenter of the Southwest radio programme, Culture & Review; a Director of Dreadnought Southwest; and passionate about the medium of theatre as a highly effective coaching tool for helping people to create the story they seek to live.

Kate Radford is a multi-media artist using poetry as a catalyst for exploration of words, sounds, and music and how they exist at an inter-play between one another. Although writing is a starting point, the work she creates moves between form dependent on the sensibility it calls for. Her work is informed by her own experience of synaesthesia – often hearing colours and navigating the conversation between the two.
She has created theatre productions, installations, publications, social interventions and compositions. There is an in-depth philosophical approach that roots the work she creates, with a sense of intention of experience, that in some way, links the different forms together.
Kate is dedicated to exploring how the stories we tell, and the way we tell them, act as prophecy for the world we live in, particularly in relation to women’s rights and the natural environment. She is heavily influenced by psycho-geography, folklore, mythology, mysticism and eastern philosophy.